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"Net-metering" is a simplified method of measuring the power produced by a renewable source such as a wind turbine.  Under net metering, excess electricity produced by the wind turbine will spin the existing home or business electricity meter backwards, effectively banking the electricity until it is needed by the customer.

When the turbine is producing less electricity than what you are using, the meter spins normally, albeit slower than usual. When the turbine is producing more power than you are consuming, the meter will spin backwards.

In other words, the customer is billed only for the net energy consumed during the billing period.  

Currently, net metering is offered in more than 35 states, including California.

What is required?

The standard kilowatt-hour meter used for most residential and small commercial customers accurately registers the flow of electricity in either direction.  In most cases an additional meter is required to measure the electricity produced by the wind turbine. An interconnect box between the turbine and the meter may also be required.

Prevailing Wind Power will take care of these requirements and all paperwork with your utility provider when we install your system, to set up a net metering agreement.