Prevailing Wind Power

California's full service renewable power installations.

There are some risks associated with the adaptation of wind power generation.

  1. Financial, the main risk
    • We have researched the most cost-effective wind turbines. If we cannot offer you a cost per kilowatt hour that is less than what you are currently paying the utility, we'll stop right there.
  2. Equipment failure
    • The equipment has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty and Prevailing Wind Power will handle all maintenance issues during the warranty period.
    • Most of the turbines we sell have an expected life of 20 to 25 years, with very little interim maintenance.
  3. The wind does not generate as much power as estimated
    • If you are concerned about the wind speed in your area, you can test it with a wind meter that will store data over a period of time.
    • Here is a reliable wind meter from Kestrel: Kestrel 4000

  4. The local county or city will not allow towers
    • Permitting is part of the installation process, which is PWP's responsibility to administer and pay for.
  5. What if the customer does not like it?
    • We think you will love saving money and the environment with wind power, but if not, the equipment can be easily removed.