Prevailing Wind Power

California's full service wind power company.

Residential Wind Products...

Prevailing Wind Power uses several different wind turbines, depending on conditions and permitting restrictions. The products on this page are suitable for residential use and are utility connected. Also see our Roof Mounted and Other Wind Products pages.

  • Skystream 3.7 by Xzeres (shown on This New House)
  • Rated 2.6 kW, 300 - 500 kWh per month, 12 foot rotor diameter
  • Down wind orientation, 6 mph cut in speed
  • Fully integrated electronics with built in inverter and controls
  • 33 - 50 foot tower (monopole)
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  • Video of Skystream 3.7

  • Windspire by Mariah Power
  • 1.2 kW vertical axis; 30 feet tall
  • Grid-ready; integrated inverter
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Average 160 kWh per month production
  • Now on CEC approved list for California. Call for price quote.
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