Prevailing Wind Power

California's full service wind power installations.

Other Wind Products...

Prevailing Wind Power also installs agricultural windmills to pump water, and DC powered turbines for off-grid or battery charging systems.

Photo Aermotor Windmill
  • 702 Model Windmill by Aermotor 
  • Used to pump water up to 16 ft high
  • Available in 6 sizes; diameters of 6 ft to 16 ft
  • 18 sails precisely balanced
  • Suited for agricultural or remote water pumping
  • 14 to 40 foot 4-post wood tower
  • Made in USA since 1888
  • How a Windmill Works

AirX Image
  • Air Breeze by Primus Wind
  • Ideal for boats or RVs to power batteries
  • 200 watts; DC power
  • 46 inches rotor diameter
  • 8 mph cut in speed
  • Spec sheet...

Power Storage or Off-Grid Systems...

If you are not connected to the utility power grid, we can install a wind turbine with a battery storage system, compatible with any existing system, such as solar or gas generators.

If you are interested in back up power in case of power outages, battery storage can also be used for this.